ASILI DUB's heavily fused East African Reggae Dub sound is highly influenced by Taarab, Dubstep and a whole lot of Kenyan Sound. 

The band’s upcoming debut LP is a conscious blend between uplifting & bluesy lyrics, Taarab inspired melodies, deeply rooted bass lines, Rockers meets Dubstep rhythms and a variety of synth sounds and effects that makes the bands 

Having met in a Peace Festival in Mogadishu in 2013, Kombo Chokwe Burns (InI Live Sessions / Afro Simba) & Jamir Adiong (Sub Conscious / SMP Kenya) came back to Nairobi later that year and worked with Kenya's only Dubstep DJ/ Producer, Dread Steppa, on what soon became the heaviest rooted Dub band in the region.  

The band has featured different Kenyan artists (Alai K, Vishakah, Izo Anyanga and Sofia Chaichee to name a few) throughout its existence. In early 2017, the band teamed up with Walter Mwangombe on keys, Morris Kivisi on drums, and Ras Lyon Hart on lead vocals to work on the band’s first ever tour and release. ASILI DUB has since perform at DOA DOA International Music Festival 2017 (Kampala), Nyege Nyege International Music Festival 2017, opened for Mungo’s HiFi during their East African Tour 2017, ADA Records Showcase 2017, Reggae Revolution 2018, InI Live Sessions Season 1 in 2018, headlined Zanzibar Reggae Festival 2018, Irie Nairobi Season 1 in 2019, Roots & Culture Series 2019, Alliance Francaise Nairobi Showcase in February, 2019, InI Live Sessions Season 2 in 2019 and World AIDS Day Concert in 2019.

In 2020, ASILI DUB started "Muziki Una Vyosaidia" in collaboration with UP Nairobi and Synergy Music Production to support initiatives and organizations that helped feed and support communities that are struggling with these uncertain times. 

At the moment, plans of releasing their LP and their upcoming single has been on hold due to these uncertain times. Do watch this space as we have big updates coming up real soon..